The Christian case against abortion

by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

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  There Is No Christian Case for Trump. The stronger the empirical case against what they believe, the more emotional energy they bring to their .   For God and Country review: Christian case for Trump is a thin read indeed Amid the evasions and distortions lies evidence that Ralph Reed knows, really, that religion and politics can mix to.   Wade, in , there was a Supreme Court case that began to pull white evangelicals into politics. Me and my co-host, Ramtin Arablouei, dove into the story of that case.   The Solid, Slightly Out-of-Season Christian Case for Religious Liberty Robert Wilken’s new book convincingly demonstrates that the concept of religious freedom has its origins Diversity and Discrimination in the Case of the Christian Legal Society.

  Arguments against abortion that are based on the Bible are important and simple to make, but ultimately require assent to the authority of God through his Word. Because most people deny such authority, we will leave aside the Biblical arguments and show how you can convince others through science, logic, history and human rights. On Decem , South Africa enacted the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, which gives women of any age or marital status access to abortion services upon request during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in certain cases, extends access to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. This act replaced a law that severely curtailed access to abortion services by requiring a physician's. Medical arguments provide a strong case against abortion and for life. Legal Arguments Against Abortion At this point in our discussion, we need to look at legal arguments against abortion. The best legal argument against abortion can be seen in the case of .   The case against the Christian man who was arrested for praying outside an abortion clinic in London, was dropped. Praying outside an abortion clinic. On August 8, Christian Hacking was arrested by four London police officers and was imprisoned for eight.

A pro-choice Texas state senator who gained headlines for her filibuster against an abortion regulation bill has stated she did not know what happened in the Kermit Gosnell case.

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"Scott Klusendorf's accessible, winsomely-written book presents a well-reasoned, comprehensive case for intrinsic human dignity and worth. Klusendorf not only equips the reader with incisive, insightful responses to pro-abortion arguments, he also presents a full The Christian case against abortion book of the biblical worldview."Cited by: 1.

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One of the worst is the claim that Christians have only recently become concerned about the sanctity of human life and the evil of abortion. In fact, one of America’s most infamous abortion doctors, Dr.

Willie Parker of Mississippi, has made such a claim in his new book, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice. So what is a Christian view on abortion. Christianity is based on faith in the Almighty God, and in His creating power, both in natural and in spiritual things.

The Bible, being the Word of God, is the basis for how we conduct our lives. Our trust is in God, the Almighty Creator, who knows all things – also the lives of those yet unborn. Dr. Beckwith is the author of what I consider to be one of the best Christian resources responding to the pro-abortion movement, Politically Correct Death: Answering Arguments for Abortion Rights (Baker, ).

To help equip you to annihilate the arguments of pro-abortion advocates, I’ve developed the acronymA-B-O-R-T-I-O-N. A = Ad Hominem. The issue of abortion is never directly dealt with in Scripture, but it says plenty about children inside and outside of the womb. In light of what is explicitly stated about children, and what is explicitly stated about murder, it The Christian case against abortion book fair to conclude that God hates abortion.

Premise #2: Abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings. Conclusion: Therefore, abortion is morally wrong. Pro-life advocates defend that argument with science and philosophy. We argue from science that the unborn are distinct, living, and whole human beings.

You didn’t come from an embryo; you once were an embryo. The Book of Genesis, for While many of the first Christian leaders opposed abortion, various Christian communities In some cases, early church opposition to abortion was based on the. A Christian Argument for Abortion: A Q&A With Rebecca Todd Peters Peters discusses her new book and her vision for the role of progressive.

SCHOOLS USER LOGIN. If you have any issues, please call the office at or email us at [email protected] Abortion The Bible teaches that all human life is created in God’s image and so is intrinsically valuable from conception.

At The Christian Institute we therefore seek to defend the sanctity of life. Abortion – destroying life somewhere between conception and birth – is wrong. For the Christian, this applies to our issue, abortion, in a direct way: to really know God, we must examine the life and person of Jesus Christ.

Here we see God’s love manifest in the flesh; God has become a man and walks among us. His is a compassionate, uncompromising love that is supremely sacrificial. Argument for the Silent: A Biblical Case Against Abortion By Guest Writer - April 1, by Robert M.

Bowman, Jr. Nowhere in the Bible is abortion mentioned specifically. A Pastor’s Case for the Morality of Abortion Jes Kast, a minister in the United Church of Christ, believes the procedure should be fully legal and accessible.

Her path to that position has been. The Biblical Case Against Abortion. Janu book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as In fact, abortion destroys what Scripture tells us God is. presently knitting together. I realize many have been deceived on this issue, had.

On Tuesday, Alabama legislators voted in favor of a controversial abortion gh Alabama is the first state to ban abortion at every stage of pregnancy—with no exception for rape or incest—other states in the South and midwest are also moving to pass more restrictive laws.

These bills could challenge the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. But two recent books attempt to open up substantive discussion within Christian circles. Episcopal priest Kira Schlesinger takes what has become, perhaps, the default pro-choice and Christian view: for Christians, abortion must be understood through the broad lens of justice.

There are basically two factions - pro-life being people who go against abortion and pro-choice being those for abortion. Pro-life groups are mostly populated by members of the Christian sector: church-going, Bible believing and Jesus worshipping individuals.

But some people from the pro-choice camp have been admitting to being Christian. In a phone interview Davis said there are texts for some religions that address abortion specifically, such as in ancient Babylonia, but this is not the case in Christianity: “There is no law.

Trauma takes place when a woman has an abortion. The consequences of her choice are experienced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is documented truth. And no one denies that rape is a vile act of violence against another person — one with.

In this clip, Dr. Tim Hsiao explains the philosophical case against abortion. Link to full interview: The Case Against Abortion-- WHY ABORTION IS WRONG --Medical Testimony: A new human being comes into existence during the process of fertilization. Prenatal Development: Growth in the womb is a rapid process; all systems are in place by week eight.

Rights of Personhood: It is unjust and inaccurate to classify certain human beings as “non-persons.”. The Biblical case against abortion hasn’t changed any in the past eight years, just as it won’t change any if another eight, eighty, or eight-hundred more years pass.

Evidence #1: According to the Bible, a baby in the womb is a full-fledged life. The push for late term abortion rights is a reminder of how critical it is that Christians understand what the Bible says about the sanctity of human life and the unborn.

In the sermon, God’s Heart for the Unborn, Pastor John Lindell provides clarity concerning what abortion is and what the Bible says about it. The well-formulated moral, spiritual and political argument on abortion from the conservative Christian and Catholic view is relatively new in the scheme of things.

There are no specific references to abortion in the Bible, either within Old Testament law or in Jesus’ teachings or the writings of Paul and other writers in the New Testament. Christian attitude. In contrast, Christians agree that there is no difference between what the authors call ‘after-birth abortion’ (a term they distinguish from ‘infanticide’) and abortion (as usually understood), but that both are against God’s moral law.

Of course, disabled children present difficult problems for. 1. Christians believe in the sanctity of human life. This belief is, ultimately, the cornerstone of all orthodox Christian responses to abortion.

The ancient Jewish community (the theological predecessor to the church) held to this conviction as well. These convictions begin with a reading of the Bible, the book that Christians hold to be sacred. The Christian case.

Jewish sources on abortion. The Talmud is the source of religious law for rabbinic Judaism. It draws the rather common .An abortion is the termination of pregnancy and is legal in England and Wales under strict conditions. For Christians, human life is sacred and a gift from God which is to be respected and protected.